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Dedicated to Humane volunteer service that reaches, mobilizes, inspires, creates linkages to practical and strategic needs, provides, equips and empowers.


Bringing Humanity and Dignity into all interaction.

Enkare Oltau Volunteers Foundation aspires to transform lives of vulnerable communities through good deeds, practical and strategic needs support across the country. The Foundation runs vibrant nationwide programs in partnership with a number of key stakeholders through the volunteerism spirit to foster and nurture humanism and dignity including but not limited to causes such as; life skills coaching, career preparation training, First Aid trainings, social event management through ushering & guest protocol services at public functions, crowd control and hospitality volunteer services, promotion of peace building and cohesion, peer education, survival skills, talent identification and promotion, camping and medical camps, developing response teams, voter participation and sensitization during elections and promotion of nationhood while saying no to corruption.

Youth and Volunteerism
  • Volunteerism - leading to great involvement with the community mostly bears the face of “youth”
  • Youth is a symbol for a strong, prosperous, successful and progressive nation
  • Youth is the backbone of volunteerism. It is fueled by motivation, determination, energy, drive and optimistic approach
  • Volunteerism - wide range of activities, including traditional forms of mutual aid and self-help, formal service delivery and other forms of civic participation. Undertaken of free will, for the general public good, and where monetary reward is not the principal motivating factor
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In a world where almost everything comes with a price, it is worth noting that people will be kept engaged with different activities doing all sorts of things to make ends meet.


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06 Apr, 2020

The symptoms starts within fourteen (14) days of being infected. If you have the above symptoms, visit the nearby medical facility or contact ministry of health emergency teams.

23 Mar, 2020
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