Enkare Oltau Volunteers.
Organizational Identity

What We DO Differently
  • Intentional professionalism – timeliness, work ethic, adherence to code of conduct, orderliness at project implementation sites
  • Human touch – genuine up close bonding with project beneficiaries towards getting to know their needs and issues developing true relationships that are sustainable for their well being
  • Transparency with all stakeholders through consistent reporting and data capture and distribution
  • Volunteers have clear work tenures of project implementation to ensure continuity of engagement and term of engagement with project beneficiaries and stakeholders


Bringing Humanity and Dignity into all interaction


Compassion, Diversity and Inclusion, Accountability, Learning, Innovation, Professionalism


Strategic Priorities

Outreach to vulnerable communities, Rehabilitation, Community Service, Empowerment, Skills Development, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Integration


Dedicated to Humane volunteer service that reaches, mobilizes, inspires, creates linkages to practical and strategic needs, provides, equips and empowers

Why Join and Work With Us?

  • Our local programs respond to the needs of the local communities and build services with a combination of support from private corporate organizations, national and local experts as well as regional and global partners.
  • All of our volunteers are interviewed, thoroughly trained, and screened. It is noteworthy that every local program was started by a core group of volunteers.
  • We recognize that there are few developmentally appropriate services to serve young people especially after they attain 18 to 25years of age hence we commit to work through with the youth until they can be integrated well in the labour market while doing life changing exploits that have meaningful impact in the society.
  • We celebrate diversity, embracing all youth regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, skin color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, personal appearance, family roles, political affiliation, or disability.
  • We celebrate diversity, embracing all youth regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, skin color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, personal appearance, family roles, political affiliation, or disability.

Our Partners
We do what we do because of strong partnerships that we have established over the years with different organisations and across many levels such as County Governments, Youth Agencies, Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organization, Women groups, Private Corporations among others.

Petronila Nguono

Founder and Executive Director
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Peace and Conflict studies

Executive Director and also founder of ‘Enkare Oltau Foundation. She is a vocal social change activist with a heart for service to humanity.She is a pure spirit with a desire to see the impact of volunteerism recognized worldwide. Her outgoing and friendly and loving personality has earned her the name “Mother Hen” amongst her team. Her belief in creating local solutions for local problems has seen her bring some much needed hope to society.Petronila attained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Peace and Conflict studies from University of Nairobi (UON), Nairobi,Kenya .Her vast experience in community mobilization has seen her work with various organizations in community project development and implementation.

Anne W. Nderitu

Finance and Admin Manager
  • Advanced diploma in Accounting

Anne is all about numbers to make sure there is smooth running of activities in Enkare Oltau Volunteers. She is passionate about community based projects that impact people positively. She studied accounts in Kenya College of Accountancy and joined Enkare to help them manage their accounts. She is inspired to know that lives, families and individuals are empowered to be better in their communities and can in the same way give back and have a great revolution of ripple effect of an empowered nation

Susan K. Mbabu

  • Human Resource and Disciplinary
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

    • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Peace Studies

    Her love and passion for seeing to it that she put smiles on many people's faces led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Conflict & Peace Studies at the University of Nairobi. This was after undertaking a degree in Computer Science at the Kenya Methodist University Nairobi Campus. Susan is passionate about youth empowerment, street kids rehabilitation, menstrual hygiene awareness, prisoner's rehabilitation and reintegration just to name a few. Her driving force to join Enkare Oltau Foundation was to see people empowered, equipped with the knowledge and right skills on how to bring out the best in them and above all to touch one life after another, put a smile and bring change to the society through the Foundation's slogan #Humanize.

    Juliet Wambui Waithera

    Secretary and Events Coordinator
    • Bachelors degree in Sociology and Environmental Management

    She is the Event Director and Planner of Enkare Oltau Foundation. Juliet is a Change Agent and she has taken the challenge to make the world a better place for humanity through volunteerism. She believes in difference making, change begins with her and she is strives for service above self. She is passionate about the environment, mentorship and stretching a hand towards the vulnerable in the society. She did her Tertiary Education at Chuka University where she had a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology. Juliet has partnered with various organization whose aim is to bring community development and see positive impact in societies both locally and globally through solving problems and bringing sustainable solutions .

    Purity Nyatichi Mogire

    Funding Strategist
    • Sociology and Political Science

    With a degree in both sociology and political science and a certificate in kenyan sign language, Purity believes in living true to her name:service from the heart.Her driving force in life is the ability to uplift another human being by creating an enabling environment for them to realize their potential.She is passionate about volunteerism with a special heart beat for street children,drug addicts and young women.She believes that making the world a better place is a conjoined effort between any two human beings with a compassionate heart.

    Japhet Achieng

    Social Media Management
    • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Armed Conflict and Peace Studies

    Japhet holds a double major Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Armed Conflict and Peace Studies from The University of Nairobi. He is passionate about using the modern means of communication to reach out to a larger number of people in an effort to addressing issues affecting individuals in the society and ensuring that the society gets involved in finding solutions to the challenges affecting them, "there is nothing for us without us." He believes in timely communication and passing of correct information as the key aspect towards the success of every undertaking. He holds to the view that volunteerism and service to humanity is a way of life that the society ought to embrace and make it their daily routine.

    Jeffrey Kinyua Wainaina

    • #

    C.E.O and founder of Ule Graphy. A Photographer with a desire to picture love and peace and get to show it to the world in service to humans and the environment they are in. He Loves seeing people happy through the lens and behind it too, So he is God fearing, a joker, Fun and Friendly, ‘Down to Earth' is the name tu sum it up. He is also into music poetry and fashion. “QP” is a photographer on Pambio Live (Maisha Magic East) and On Gospel Night Live(Ghetto Radio). He is the official photographer in Captain Entertainment and Enkare Oltau Foundation. “Ule” has been a photographer since 2016 where he started as an armature and via his instagram page (@ule_graphy) you will see the growth in experience to date. He is an all rounded photographer, whos worked with different kinds of brands and public figures.

    Damilola Olumide Awoyeriju

    Social Welfare
    • Bsc. Biochemistry /SLT
    • Bsc. Community Health
    • Msc. public Health

    Damilola Olumide Awoyeriju is the Director of Partnership and Innovation at Blue Economy Youth International and the CEO of DamiApparel ; a fashion outfit. He started his Tertiary Education at Ekiti State University where he undertook a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biochemistry/SLT and later proceeded to Kenya Methodist University Nairobi Campus where he took a Bachelor's of Science degree in Community Health and is currently doing a Master's in Public Health from the same University. He has a Certificate in Project Management with specialization in Global Health from the University of Washington, USA. Damilola is a Member of Nigeria Institute of Laboratory Scientist (2013) , Young African Leader Initiative Network (May 2019) and Youth Assembly on Pathway to Blue Economy (Joint statement: Declar- Action) United Nation, Nairobi Kenya (May 2019). He has also served as a volunteer with the United Nation in various capacities. Damilola is passionate about the Environment. Service to humanity is the best work of life.